Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Brands to the Future

SPOILER ALERT! Because there are apparently people among us who have not seen the Back to the Future Trilogy.  Since you’re Interneting right now, you must be aware that today is Back to the Future II Day. Yes, today is the day the Doc Brown, Marty McFly and his girlfriend Jennifer Parker travel to from […]

Funny Customer Service Commercial Fails for Friday

I’m someone who will do just about anything to avoid calling customer service; that kind of phone call is my worst nightmare. While these bad interactions can often be humorous, they can easily turn customers away from a brand. It should be in a company’s best interest to have excellent customer service–and to advertise it well. This […]

Funny Friday: 4 Hilarious Ads

This Funny Friday, we thought we would really give you guys a reason to laugh during these frigid, never-ending winter days with these hilarious ads. Maybe you will laugh hard enough to keep warm…just maybe. “It Comes Standard” by Dodge Durango When it comes to funny, leave it to Will Ferrell and his all-too-hilarious ads […]

2013: Top Ten Ads According to SJG

As 2013 comes to an end, it seems natural to be in a reflective mood. Some think about their travel adventures, others recall endearing memories with friends and a few like me wonder if the Ventra card was the apocalypse Pop-Pop warned us about. I’ve also been reflecting upon the top advertisements of 2013. Those […]

Two for Tuesday: Negative Advertising

We’ve all been exposed to the occasional attack advertisement, most notably during election seasons. They can be nasty, controversial and even untrue; but do they work? In recent years, several brands have turned negative in their ad campaigns against rival companies. This Tuesday, we’ll look at two examples of those brands.   “Scroogled”   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63u-RG-31B0 […]