Funny Starbucks Fails Friday

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Starbucks. Happy birthday to you! One of America’s most beloved brands turned 43 this week. Although the Aussies might not be too fond of the brand, America can’t help but love them, even if they have their faults…. and faults they certainly have. So […]

Funny Friday: August’s Awkward Sports Moments

For this Chicago sports fan, the quickly approaching start of regular season games for hockey, football and basketball means it’s about to get crazy in Chicago. With #TheReturn of the Bull’s Derrick Rose, the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks coming back to the ice and Marc Trestman and his staff working towards making their final […]

The Scariest Yet Funniest Things on Earth

You know and have been through those awkward moments that literally leave you shamefaced and feeling guilty because some social norm was completely violated. In hindsight, those moments are always hilarious; however, when you’re going through them, they’re the scariest possible thing imaginable. Check out 21 awkward moments—witness the terror, embark in laughter and share some awkward […]