Two for Tuesday: Consumer Goods You Didn’t Know Were Made in Latin America

“Made in China.” Sound all too familiar? China usually comes to mind when thinking of outsourced manufacturing. The Chinese manufacture and export everything from shoes to personal computers. However, Latin America is quickly becoming the next big market to watch out for, as their growing labor force is creating a booming industry in areas such as retail […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Sports in South America

Everybody knows that soccer, or better “futbol,” is the most popular sport in Latin America (and the world). About 3.2 billion people watched at least a minute of the World Cup in 2010. The truth is Latin Americans are fans of more than just soccer. Other common sports like baseball, basketball and volleyball are also very […]

Trending News Monday: Brands and Fans Pay Their #Re2pect

As the national pastime, baseball pulls at the heartstrings of Americans everywhere. Teams become the source of pride; players become heroes. “Baseball creates legends,” at least according to the classic video game, Triple Play ’99. And over the weekend, one of those legends hung up his cleats for good. This Trending News Monday, like many others, we’re paying […]

Funny Friday: Soccer Isn’t for Everyone

Ann Coulter has called shenanigans on soccer in her The Clarion Ledger post. Ridiculous? @TheTweetofGod thinks so. Ann Coulter’s column about how soccer is an example of the decay of America, is an example of the decay of America. — God (@TheTweetOfGod) June 26, 2014 Our Space readers, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a […]

Throwback Thursday: A History of Baseball

Today’s Throwback Thursday, and we’re throwing it all the way to 1846. The first official U.S.A. baseball game was played on June 19th, 1846 in Hoboken, NJ against New York Knickerbockers and the New York Base Ball Club. (I learned this fun little courtesy of a game of trivia with a few friends the other […]

Two for Tuesday: Two must see Series

One of the best Chicagoan attributes is their undying allegiances to their respective sports teams (aside from the random Packer fans who were born and raised in Chicago—they really make no sense). Whether we’re talking baseball, basketball, football or hockey, Chicago has one of the biggest fan bases. Can I get a “Da Bears, Da Bulls, Da […]

Two Must-See Movies

You know what they say about April showers… they’re the best time to catch a flick. These days, Americans are more selective when it comes to viewing movies. People hold out on seeing films in the theaters (unless it’s the midnight premier of another long-awaited sequel), pass up DVD and/or Blu-Ray purchases and wait to […]

Hurricane Sandy: World Series Killer

Hurricane Sandy: responsible for power outages, property damages, stock exchange postponement and World Series flops…? As a few of you may know, this year’s World Series between the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants commenced with a four game sweep by the Giants– becoming the 22nd sweep in the history of the coveted series. Why […]