Trending News Monday: Monica Lewinsky Combats Cyber Bullying

A broken nose, black eye, disheveled or wet hair and torn jeans used to be signs that a kid had encountered a bully. Although, these interactions still happen and still are unacceptable, today’s society has an equally (if not more) destructive form of bullying: cyber bullying. Unlike the big, mean kid waiting to strike in […]

Trending News Monday: Remembering Mandela

“I was not a messiah, but an ordinary man who had become a leader because of extraordinary circumstances.” Nelson Mandela Billions walk the Earth today, but few have had the opportunity to change it. Last Thursday (December 5), the world lost one of its most notable heroes, Nelson Mandela. He was 95. Titles such as […]

Two for Tuesday: Negative Advertising

We’ve all been exposed to the occasional attack advertisement, most notably during election seasons. They can be nasty, controversial and even untrue; but do they work? In recent years, several brands have turned negative in their ad campaigns against rival companies. This Tuesday, we’ll look at two examples of those brands.   “Scroogled” […]

Funny Friday: The 1990s Revisited

A TED Talk inspired me to explore life through the eyes of a three year old. After seeing today’s world through a younger perspective, I decided to look back at my ‘90s childhood and view media I was exposed to through an older lens. As it turns out, the ‘90s children programming is somewhat hilarious–somewhat not PC. […]