Year in Review: Top Tunes of 2014

Based on a combination of streams, downloads, radio airplays and overall popularity, the year-end Billboard Top 100 list is not usually full of surprises. However, the 2014 list has a lot of newcomers–new artists and artists new to having a place in the Top 10. Before we get ready to ring in the New Year, […]

2013: Top Tunes

2013 and music–what comes to mind? While Billboards top ten songs of the year (based on streams, downloads, radio airplays and overall popularity) doesn’t include too many surprises to anyone even a little in-the-know or anyone who owns a radio; but, this year’s list does include a lot of first timers, and 2013 broke records […]

Two for Tuesday: Two Interesting Album Releases

2013 is the year of interesting album releases. With all the music-playing mediums, promoting albums have become a bit of a game: Fall Out Boy came back overnight from a long hiatus with a new single and music video; Miley Cyrus brought a new sound to mirror her new image and used her shock-factor VMA performance […]

Two for Tuesday: Two Stars Tapping into Latin America for Global Success

From population to spending power, Latin America is growing, and as Latin American countries become global powerhouses (and society continues striding towards a global culture), facets from American pop-culture, including music, are expanding to South America. This Two for Tuesday, we’re highlighting two stars that are making it big worldwide after expanding to Latin America. […]

2012: In Memoriam

As 2012 comes to a close, we thought it best to take a look back on some of the legends we’ve lost this past year. NEIL ARMSTRONG An American icon, Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon, which he famously stated to be “one giant leap for mankind.” Armstrong actually went […]

2012: Top Tunes

2012 was, all in all, an interesting year for music.  The year’s hits had the Harvard Baseball team, Abercrombie and Fitch male models and several others wanting to lend out their numbers so someone might call them. Americans mistook PSY’s Korean Gangnam Style lyrics for something else, singing basically every part of the song incorrectly […]

Monday Music Musings

Not Everything Stays In Vegas… Coming from Las Vegas, The Killers’s origin just doesn’t seem right: their poetic soulful lyrics bemoan a Northern Cali or Seattle spawn. Nevertheless, I’m much obliged to sin city for giving these guys up. The latest release, Battle Born, elates some fans, disappoints others and collects some new groupies along the way. You […]