Trending News Monday: NHL Hits Thornton with Hard Suspension

Hard-hitting stories have plagued this holiday season: from the school shooting in Colorado that left one teen in critical condition and the shooter dead, to the tragic deaths of a newlywed Good Samaritan and a teacher and a carjacking that took the life of a lawyer shopping with his wife. This Trending News Monday, we’re […]

#TrendingNews NSA, SMC, Miley and Stanley

From the NSA exposure to Shootings in Santa Monica, Miley’s lyrics controversy and the Stanley Cup Finals, we’ve brought you the top headlines from the weekend. ON-GOING COVERAGE: WHITE HOUSE DEFENDS NSA, AMERICAN’S AGENCY THREATENS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS After 29-year-old Edward Snowden, a National Security Agency contractor and former CIA technical assistant blew the whistle on the […]