Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Powerful Latin American Ads

Barton F. Graf 9000’s spoof of The Barbarian Group epitomized the ad industry—innovatively competitive agencies that produce more than just ads. As advertising advances and competition becomes more and more fierce, agencies all around the globe try to keep topping their rivals by developing unique content that could appeal today’s ever-changing consumer. In the past […]

Throwback Thursday: Past Efforts Positioning Brazil as a Future Leader in Graphic Design

As a multicultural agency, we put a lot of stock in alternative perspectives on the world, especially in advertising. That’s why we were especially interested to hear the buzz around Brazil’s burgeoning graphic design industry, which is shaping up to be an influencer around the world. Shutterstock published an infographic on design trends in 2013 […]

The Perks of Playing “Dumb”

Do you know what the dumbest ways to die are? Australia’s Metro Trains and McCann Melbourne sure do (and that’s not all they know). If you haven’t seen their viral YouTube video yet, have a look.     Fifty million plus views (and counting),  several parodies and a mobile video game later, the three-minute-long “Dumb Ways […]

Two Ads Tuesday

At the 59th International Festival of Creativity in Cannes France, agencies from around the world gathered as media judges dissected their creative work and granted the best of the best awards, making them Grand Prix Lion winners. From commercials to innovative designs to promotions (to name a few), only the most inspirational and influential pieces […]