Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Branding Blockbusters

New movies hit theaters every weekend, so who’s to say which films are bombs and which are blockbusters? Obviously, promotion, casting, budget and content (if you don’t have a story or a big name, what’s putting butts in the seats?), play factors, but are promotions really that different from one film to the next? Occasionally, films will […]

Two for Tuesday: April Fools’ Day!

I hope you haven’t been too bothered by the fake news put out today. April Fools’ Day has become a breeding ground for earth-shatteringly false news (sorry, no new Harry Potter book or ‘NSYNC reunion). Instead of crushing your dreams this Two for Tuesday, let’s take a look at a couple hilarious pranks. I hope […]

Two for Tuesday: Simple ads that Speak

Anyone who has spent five minutes on BuzzFeed in his or her life knows that people find value in simplicity: simple humor, simple tips and reminiscing on simpler times. The KISS method (Keep It Simple, Stupid) doesn’t hinder creativity; it cuts out the unnecessary complexity. As both a consumer and advertiser, I find that much […]