Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Internet Moving Back to Anonymity

The world of social media is constantly evolving. What’s commonplace today was unimaginable ten years ago. So how can marketers and social media gurus keep pace with whatever happens next? The answer to that question may come from Reddit. Reddit, which bills itself as the “front page of the Internet,” displays content based on users […]

2013: Curtain Call

As the sun sets on 2013, what better time do we have to reflect on the year? In the digital age, we’ve been able to document so much—not just the events, but the reactions to them. This past year saw scandalous news like Lance Armstrong’s drug enhancement confession and “Catfishing,” tragic news such as the […]

Funny Friday: Social Media Personalities

Social media is not only a great tool, but also a form of entertainment. Some use social media to creep, others to let everyone know how cool they are and still more love to use it as an outlet to broadcast their dissatisfaction with everything from brands to bad luck. A recent survey conducted by the […]

Te’o Got Catfished (Da, Da, Da-Da-Da)

A mere 48 hours ago, national media outlets broke the “scandal” involving Manti Te’o, and by now, almost every American and the entire Twittosphere has heard the Notre Dame star was the “victim” of catfishing—conversely a majority of Americans age 25 and up urban dictionaried “catfish.” Funny or Die seemed to catch on to how […]