Funny Friday: National Ice Cream Month

National Ice Cream Month: the perfect excuse to grab that chocolate dipped cone on a hot summer day. But while July might entice some to seek out the nearest DQ, others can get a guilt free ice cream fix by watching a few well-done ice cream advertisements! The classic story of distress to success is […]

Two for Tuesday: Coca-Cola and Health

Coca-Cola, official 2014 World Cup partner, has proven something of a lightning rod in recent years with regards to its attempts to tackle health and weight issues surrounding its products in its advertising. This Two for Tuesday, we’re featuring two ad campaigns in recent years where Coke tried to re-brand as healthy, and the public response. […]

Throwback Thursday: Nickelodeon or Disney?

Nickelodeon or Disney Channel? As a child, that was a serious debate among kids. Before such references as “team this” or “team that,” you simply stated your favorite station. For some kids, a channel preference was due to programming: the shows and original movies. For others, it was the characters or simply the logo. (Some preferred […]

Trending News Monday: A Groundhogs Day Punxsutawney Phil Couldn’t Predict

For much of the weekend, the Super Bowl ruled the news waves and news feeds; along with the big game–and the advertisements that surrounded it–the news of the premature death of one of the country’s most notable talents also spread across the country. This Trending News Monday, we’re detailing some of the weekend’s biggest headlines. […]

Throwback Thursday: The Choice of a Generation

“You’re the Pepsi Generation.” At least that is what Michael Jackson changed the “Billie Jean” lyrics to for his Pepsi commercials. Advertising and music can go together like a meal. If the right ingredients are selected, the meal can turn out to be a mouthwatering, delicious hit. But other times those ingredients don’t exactly fit well […]

Wednesdays without Will: Television without Commercials

Since before the original iPhone announcement, the Apple faithful have been waiting with bated breath for the tech innovation company to streamline the way we watch TV the way they did music and computing. Apple’s initial foray into the market with Apple TV didn’t captivate users the way their other products did, generating low sales […]

Two Ways to Recycle Ads

The green movement has certainly taken off in recent years to the point where brands are finding it to be profitable and good for their image to associate with environmental goals. Now, recycling physical products is certainly a very ecological move on the part of both the company and the consumer, but what about recycling […]

Throwback Thursday: Best Old School Children’s Toy Ads

Before I became interested in the advertising business but after I’d grown out of the demographic for children’s television networks, I flipped to Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon during a commercial break and was surprised when I realized that nearly every commercial shown on those networks was for a toy of some sort or another. As […]

Two Game Changing TV Shows

With an increasing number of subscription services that allow audiences to watch their favorite TV shows whenever they want and, with some, the ability to bypass commercials entirely- the nature of TV viewing  is changing. Another revolutionary trend is taking shape within the television world: original programming on streaming services. This Two for Tuesday, we’ll […]

Funny Friday: When Modesty Gets Flushed

Is there nothing sacred anymore?  Are there no secrets?  Are there no private topics that aren’t fodders for tweets, posts or commercial broadcasts? Last night while watching NBC, a pretty woman started talking about discomfort and itching.  I cringed.  I wondered if this was her shining moment as an actress– if this is the kind […]

Loco for Tacos: Advertising That Sells

 Advertising is consistently changing. From “can bags” to talking animals, we’ve seen advertisements come and go; yet, some seem to embed themselves in our minds forever.  Tapping into Our Emotions Does the phrase, “Yo quiero Taco Bell” (“I want Taco Bell”) ring a, well, bell? Whatever happened to that cute talking Chihuahua named Gidget who […]

Super Sunday Night Super Bowl

Chykie Brown made dome angels as black, white, purple and yellow confetti rained down on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s turf last night. Although the Super Bowl came down to a controversial “nail-biting” finish, in the end, the Raven’s “got ‘er done” and brought  the Vince Lombardi Trophy back to Baltimore. Aside from football and the Harbaugh human interest element, viewers had several […]