Multicultural Holidays…

The other day during an Our Space meeting, we were discussing ways to bring the realities of our multicultural, um… culture, to the blog table. For some reason, I rarely think of myself as someone with a strong voice when it comes to multiculturalism. Not being of one hundred percent ethnicity, not being Hispanic, African American or […]

Two for Tuesday: Delicate Technology…

Sandy takes down Huffington Post, Gawker websites, the headline reads.  What does SEO mean now?  Not much. In light of Sandy – nothing seems important enough to feature.  I weakly offer, as a two for Tuesday, that these two massive websites with all their bells and whistles – don’t hold a candle to Mother Nature. […]

Chicago International Film Festival!!!

Chicago International Film Festival Suggestions/Top Picks It’s an exciting time in Chicago because a film festival is in our backyard! I know crazy right? The city is hosting its 48th annual Chicago International Film Festival (CIFF) from the 11th – 25th at AMC River East 21 in downtown Chicago. The festival is showing 175 films from 50 countries. […]

Two For Tuesday: 9/11

Remember / Remember Tuesday, September 11, 2001 started out like any other day, but it quickly changed the American identity and became forever embedded in our history and our culture. We don’t need to really refresh you on the events that occurred 11 years ago today, but on the Two-for-Tuesday blogs we’re contributing, we can […]