Trending News Monday: The Grammys Celebrate Love Through Music

Last night, the biggest names in music came together to celebrate the biggest night in music. This Trending News Monday, we’re bringing you the some of the top stories from the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. If the Grammys had a theme last night, it wasn’t great music (of which there was an indubitable abundance), it was […]

Throwback Thursday: Dick Clark, Daft Punk and Everything In Between

Happy New Year Our Space Readers! I can hardly believe that it is 2014. Dang – the years keep ticking by! I can remember celebrating New Years Eve with Chicago’s music countdown on WLS all the way back to 1977 when Kansas’ “Dust in The Wind” was in the lineup. I think that may have […]

Funny Friday with Will

Sometimes all you can say about something is, “we learned a lot in the process.” Today’s post is one of those. We did a little experiment this week at SJG. It involved our clever and creative Will, of Wednesdays with Will, and a great topic, the upcoming Lollapalooza lineup. But along the way, something went […]