Throwback Thursday: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The leaves rustle on the ground beneath our feet, neighbors place pumpkins on their doorsteps, friends populate Instagram with photos of corn mazes and apple picking and the color pink illuminates the city skyline. All of these indicate that it must be October. While the month is jam-packed with festive excitement from Halloween, Oktoberfest, Hispanic Heritage Month, the […]

Trending News Monday: Cinco de Mayo

While the fourth may have been with all yesterday, today Cinco de Mayo has taken over the web. In 1862, the under-manned Mexican army defeated France, considered the strongest army in the world, in the Battle of Puebla. As The Press-Enterprise points out, in the current American culture, Cinco de Mayo has greatly deviated from […]

Trending News Monday: Home Alone 6, What Doesn’t Happen In Vegas Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

As the government remains shutdown, Americans eagerly await negotiations as the government will hit its $16.7 trillion borrowing limit on October 17. Amid the shutdown, the news has not ceased; and while the government will have to face the music and end this before the country hits the debt ceiling, the music hasn’t stopped either […]