Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: The Good, the Bad and the Rebranding of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus fans in the Dominican Republic are likely disappointed that the singer’s upcoming September 13th concert was banned by the government commission that oversees public performances. Although Cyrus recently stated that she was going to take a break from twerking, the concert was banned by the commission due to morality issues, saying in a statement that […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Ad-free Disney Channel in the Midst of the Changing Television Industry

“Oh, my gosh, did you see what happened on Orange is the New Black last night?” “No, no, no don’t tell me! I had to catch up on episodes of Graceland before the new episode, so now I have to watch the recording…” Odds are that you have heard a conversation like this recently. TV talk […]

Funny ’90s Flashback Friday

This was an excellent week to be a ’90s kid. Okay, every week is a great week to be a Millennial, as far as I am concerned (I may be biased). Generation Y also happens to be one of the most sought after group of consumers as companies release advertisements and products specifically targeting these ’90s […]

Throwback Thursday: The “Wonderful World of Disney”

As a person who is passionate about the arts and entertainment, I am convinced that we can change entire generations through the arts and all forms of “entertainment.” Certainly there is entertainment that is far from influencing for the greater good. The stupid crap on Disney channel comes to mind, which is ironic as it […]