Two For Tuesday: Creativity Over Content

In today’s advertising world, the most pervasive and well-known ads say little about the brand or product being promoted. Take the millions of Doritos Super Bowl commercials that are talked about for weeks and sometimes even months after they air. They never mention how good Doritos chips are or talk about the different flavors. They […]

Loco for Tacos: Advertising That Sells

 Advertising is consistently changing. From “can bags” to talking animals, we’ve seen advertisements come and go; yet, some seem to embed themselves in our minds forever.  Tapping into Our Emotions Does the phrase, “Yo quiero Taco Bell” (“I want Taco Bell”) ring a, well, bell? Whatever happened to that cute talking Chihuahua named Gidget who […]

Doritos Crashes the Super Bowl

It’s Super Bowl time, and advertisers are getting ready to showcase their commercials at this year’s game. As for Doritos, this is their seventh year of the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest where filmmakers can submit a 30-second Doritos commercial. Five finalist will be considered for the two spots that will face off during the […]