Throwback Thursday: Girl Power, Brands and Femvertising

Girl Power, #HeForShe, Femvertising… Twenty years ago, these phrases weren’t even created, now their common among conversations (at least those about gender). Finally, the world seems to realize the innate and immense power women carry. From Academy Award speeches to simple hashtags, gender equality remains a hot topic. The movement is so widespread that brands more […]

2013: Top Ten Ads According to SJG

As 2013 comes to an end, it seems natural to be in a reflective mood. Some think about their travel adventures, others recall endearing memories with friends and a few like me wonder if the Ventra card was the apocalypse Pop-Pop warned us about. I’ve also been reflecting upon the top advertisements of 2013. Those […]

Wednesdays without Will: Dove and Defining Beauty

For every society in the world, the history of makeup and cosmetics dates back several thousand years. However, makeup didn’t become a main part of the American culture until the early twentieth century when Hollywood began making it more mainstream. Quickly catching on, the flapper culture embraced and used makeup for personal use by the […]