Throwback Thursday: Dick Clark, Daft Punk and Everything In Between

Happy New Year Our Space Readers! I can hardly believe that it is 2014. Dang – the years keep ticking by! I can remember celebrating New Years Eve with Chicago’s music countdown on WLS all the way back to 1977 when Kansas’ “Dust in The Wind” was in the lineup. I think that may have […]

Two for Tuesday: Technology and Festivals

From holograms of deceased artists, to being able to share memories instantly online, technology has changed the way we enjoy festivals. Today, the smart phone is a must accessory at any fest. As an avid music festival goer and social media addict, I love capturing memories and sharing them online. I’m proud to be one of the 66 […]

Funny Friday with Will

Sometimes all you can say about something is, “we learned a lot in the process.” Today’s post is one of those. We did a little experiment this week at SJG. It involved our clever and creative Will, of Wednesdays with Will, and a great topic, the upcoming Lollapalooza lineup. But along the way, something went […]

A Loud (Business) Opportunity

As deep sounds of bass and building synths shake the festival grounds, a feeling of anticipation is prevalent among the masses of youth staring in one direction, waiting. The music builds like a roller coaster inching up a slope and when it hits the peak, it drops. Although the crowd knew it was coming, they […]