Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Fortunes, Failures and Modern Mobile Phones

Fifty-six percent of Americans carry around phones with more computing power than the machines used to send men to the moon in 1969. Technology has seeped into every aspect and element of our lives as it progresses to be more efficient, smaller and more users friendly. Marketers have found countless ways to fit emerging technology […]

Two for Tuesday: Infamous Reversals

Sometimes, it’s not a bad idea to switch a brands style—staying updated with the latest and the greatest trends. However, when brands change their identity, it can bring on a world of problems for them, and their only option (besides plummeting sales), is to retreat. On this Two for Tuesday, we wanted to look back […]

Funny Friday: Halloween YouTube Essentials

The crisp winds, bare branches and festive pumpkins mean one thing: Halloween is almost here. While the season tends to bring out the fright, this Funny Friday will make light in finding hilarity among horror.   Andy and Amy’s Haunted House     Ellen sent her writer, Amy, and executive, Andy, to the Universal Studios […]

Funny Women Friday

Happy International Women’s Day! Today we recognize 10 women who have brought us to tears, smiles and joy through laughter.   1. A comedian, actress, presenter and the woman with dance moves that has her audience standing on their feet dancing along with her is known as none other than Ellen Degeneres. I’m a fan […]