Wednesdays with Will: What’s Offensive?

Well, well, well– welcome to another Wednesdays with Will. Whether it’s because we’re more diverse, politically correct or have a better way of policing those who aren’t PC (i.e. social media), today’s advertisers certainly don’t get away with offensive campaigns like they used to. What’s utterly mind-boggling about offensiveness is its subjective-ness. Yes, there are words, stereotypes and depictions that will (rightfully so) offend […]

Wednesdays with Will: Three Memorable Ads

This edition of WwW focuses on three memorable recent ads!   These three ads each take different paths to making a memorable impact on its audience. 1.#Firstworldproblems. Not problems     Taking a catchy and relevant hash tag like #firstworldproblems and using it as a catapult for the struggles of not having clean water certainly […]