2013: Top Tunes

2013 and music–what comes to mind? While Billboards top ten songs of the year (based on streams, downloads, radio airplays and overall popularity) doesn’t include too many surprises to anyone even a little in-the-know or anyone who owns a radio; but, this year’s list does include a lot of first timers, and 2013 broke records […]

2013: Top Five Viral YouTube Videos

Twenty years ago, experts could look at TV ratings, box office results and book sales to determine which entertainment had people talking the most. Not anymore. Viral videos have joined the conversation as the newest measure of popularity. If it seems like you’ve watched more online videos in 2013 than any other year, you’re probably […]

Leave The Slide in the ’80s Because Now We’re All About the Shake

From the Mario Brothers to Christian sisters, (almost) everyone’s getting down to the Harlem Shake. By now, you’re probably familiar with Baauer’s viral song, “Harlem Shake.” Its intoxicating—yet repetitive—beat has people all around the world including the United Kingdom, Australia and Mexico doing the Harlem Shake; thus showing us another way music and social media […]