Fun Friday: When our Favorite Books are Turned Into Movies

Fans of Lois Lowry’s 1993 young adult novel, The Giver, no longer have to wait for the much-anticipated film adaptation as the film premiered at midnight nationwide. The Internet has been buzzing for months about the differences between the book and the movie from the trailers that were released and interviews with Lois Lowry and others […]

Throwback Thursday: Pottermore Brings Fans Back

Sixteen years ago, a tale of an eleven-year-old wizard captured the minds of children and young adults across the world. At the time, not many could have predicted just how big of a deal this scrawny boy with untidy black hair and circular glasses would be one day. But alas, Harry Potter, with eight movies, […]

Two for Tuesday: April Fools’ Day!

I hope you haven’t been too bothered by the fake news put out today. April Fools’ Day has become a breeding ground for earth-shatteringly false news (sorry, no new Harry Potter book or ‘NSYNC reunion). Instead of crushing your dreams this Two for Tuesday, let’s take a look at a couple hilarious pranks. I hope […]

Trending News Monday: No Eighth Harry Potter, Sorry

Some jokes just don’t die… and neither do some rumors. Last week, an April Fool’s prank in the form of a press release announcing an eighth installment of the Harry Potter series made a resurgence. (Perhaps it was a way for Harry Potter fans to steal the Hunger Games’s thunder. Catching Fire has broken box office records either way). This […]

Twitter has the #Papal Blessing, but Daniel Radcliffe’s still holding out

Last week, Daniel Radcliffe shocked the social media realm by actually creating a profile on Google+. Despite his international mega stardom, Radcliffe has been reluctant to create online profiles, but after a series of impostors created and maintained fake profiles on Facebook and Twitter, he decided to make an official profile to connect with his fans. While […]