demystifying the hispanic consumer: myth #6

The following post is part 6 of a 7 part series Myth #6 Launching a Hispanic Marketing Program Will be too Difficult to Support Financially, Especially When I’m Having a Hard Time in the current environment Truth When brands are budget-constrained and fighting for market share is EXACTLY when they should explore the Hispanic market. […]

Demystifying the hispanic consumer: Myth #2

The following post is part 2 of a 7 part series Myth #2 Each Hispanic Subgroup Needs a Different Approach Truth While there are distinctions among the various ethnicities as it pertains to dialects, customs and category development, there are more common denominators than differences when it comes to purchase drivers. SJG has helped its […]

Throwback Thursday: Selena the Legend, the brand

In 1995, on what would have been Selena’s 24th birthday, then Governor of Texas George W. Bush declared April 16th, Selena Day. This Throwback Thursday, let’s look at the legacy Selena has left in the years since her death. Selena was, and will remain one of the most beloved woman in the Latino community, second only […]

Throwback Thursday: Latin American Influence on American Foods

While the sitcom Seinfeld may have been marketed as a show about nothing, that didn’t mean the show didn’t offer audiences any relevant information. Take for instance a 1992 episode where George Costanza alerted viewers to a very important fact: salsa had overtaken ketchup as the most popular condiment in America. Since 1992 mayonnaise has taken the title of number […]

Barbies on the Barbie

I recently came across a magazine—not just any old magazine, the Holiday Edition Barbie Collector’s magazine. As you can guess, I read this all the time (aka I didn’t know it existed and am wondering why it does). Barbie, as it seems, has some stiff competition. These dolls are no joke, and Mattel has gone to the extreme. Their vast variety […]