Two for Tuesday: Dos de Mayo

This Two for Tuesday we will look at two brands who are already gearing up for the Cinco De Mayo festivities and looking to cash in on the popular holiday.   Cheers for Cinco de Mayo, the day Americans celebrate Mexico’s victory over France. Even though La Batalla de Puebla is only celebrated regionally in […]

Will Lammily Shake Up the Barbie World?

The biggest shopping season of the year starts in one week. Children are finalizing their wish lists, and parents are researching products, prices and the lot. While millions of little girls and boys will surely get their hands on some dolls this holiday season, some might be unwrapping a truly new doll: Lammily, or what […]

Trending News Monday: Bleak Beginning to the Holiday Season

The long holiday weekend had its fill of new stories. This Trending News Monday, we’re breaking down the biggest headlines. Walker’s Fatal Car Crash Amid the festival of lights and Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday preparations, the weekend dimmed the weekend as Tinsel Town lost a beloved star, Paul Walker. Known for his portrayal of […]

Trending News Monday: Veterans Day

As an American, it can be easy to take inalienable rights for granted. After all, they are inalienable, God-given rights; we’re entitled to them. As many of us learn the Pledge of Allegiance along with the alphabet, we sometimes forget who exactly ensures there will indeed be life, liberty and justice for all. Anyone who has […]

Throwback Thursday: Christmas in July

It’s July 25 and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… or not. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is in full swing. But, in the land down under, it’s the middle of winter (hence, Christmas in July). We in the Northern Hemisphere might feel like this:     Originally an […]

Craving a Budget for VDay

Today is more than just a Hallmark Holiday—it’s a time to make sure your loved one knows exactly how much you care about him/her. And, of course, there are all kinds of ways to show it. Aside from the expensive dinners, bouquets of roses and boxes of chocolates, this is a day about letting your […]

Oh Hanukkah

Shalom! Although I’m not Jewish, I’ve experienced my fair share of Hanukkah celebrations—largely due to my Jewish best friends, but also because in the neighborhood I grew up, Jewish people were the majority—those weird people with the tree and the lights hanging up, well, we were the minority. I remember hearing my friends talk about […]

Thanksgiving Cease-fire

On the eve of American Thanksgiving, people all over the world have reasons to be thankful, especially those affected by the ongoing struggles in the Middle East. A few hours ago, Israeli and Hamas leaders declared a cease-fire. For now, tensions at the Gaza Strip have eased. Halfway around the globe, we Americans can witness […]

Barbies on the Barbie

I recently came across a magazine—not just any old magazine, the Holiday Edition Barbie Collector’s magazine. As you can guess, I read this all the time (aka I didn’t know it existed and am wondering why it does). Barbie, as it seems, has some stiff competition. These dolls are no joke, and Mattel has gone to the extreme. Their vast variety […]

Batman, Candy and Pumpkin Pie

For roughly 2000 years, people around the world have celebrated October 31, All Hallows Eve: the night before All Saints’ Day when spirits can walk the Earth. While traditions, perceptions and focuses of the holiday may have changed (moving from prayer to mischief and candy, candy, candy), Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in […]