Trending News Monday: One Year After Super Storm Sandy

A year ago, weather forecasters were predicting that a hurricane would hit the Eastern Seaboard. While they knew that she was coming in strong–predicting that it would be one of the largest storm systems to ever hit the American mainland, no one could believe the utter devastation Sandy left, most notably in New York and […]

Hurricane Sandy: World Series Killer

Hurricane Sandy: responsible for power outages, property damages, stock exchange postponement and World Series flops…? As a few of you may know, this year’s World Series between the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants commenced with a four game sweep by the Giants– becoming the 22nd sweep in the history of the coveted series. Why […]

Two for Tuesday: Delicate Technology…

Sandy takes down Huffington Post, Gawker websites, the headline reads.  What does SEO mean now?  Not much. In light of Sandy – nothing seems important enough to feature.  I weakly offer, as a two for Tuesday, that these two massive websites with all their bells and whistles – don’t hold a candle to Mother Nature. […]

If You Thought Snooki Hit Seaside Hard, Just Wait for Sandy

A storm is brewing at the Jersey Shore, and this time, Mike “The Situation” isn’t at the epicenter. Hurricane Sandy, which forecasters are predicting to be one of the largest storms (if not the largest) to hit the American mainland, will strike the East Coast later today. With nine states currently in a state of emergency, Sandy […]