Trending News Monday: LGBT Pride Month and Same-Sex Decisions

Today, the Internet erupted with reactions from the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby 5-4 decision. Yesterday, however, pride was the word over the weekend. While cities such as Chicago and Seattle were hosting pride parades, members of the LGBT community were reacting to other stories that made national news. This Trending News Monday, in honor of […]

Two for Tuesday: Panem Propaganda Engage Hunger Games Fans

The integration of digital assets into any marketing campaign is becoming increasingly vital, especially as the marketers are increasingly targeting younger and younger consumers (who are growing more dependent on technology). It comes as no surprise that marketers are using highly integrated campaigns to engage young consumers, and simulate a tangible feel, or world, to accompany […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Internet Moving Back to Anonymity

The world of social media is constantly evolving. What’s commonplace today was unimaginable ten years ago. So how can marketers and social media gurus keep pace with whatever happens next? The answer to that question may come from Reddit. Reddit, which bills itself as the “front page of the Internet,” displays content based on users […]

Two for Tuesday: Technology in Latin America

If the World Cup is doing one thing outside the sports arena, it’s showing that the web is alive and well in South America. Latin America is one area that has seen tremendous growth in gaining access to the Internet. Most of this growth is through the increased reach of mobile phone technology. In 2012, 98% […]

Two For Tuesday: Ads Inspiring Through the Uninspired

A lot of clutter exists on the Internet. The terabytes of data users submit to the abyss of the World Wide Web seems to expand exponentially—directly proportional to the amount of time users are spending online. The ease with which people can produce content for blogs, websites and social media channels removes all of the […]

Throwback Thursday: You’ve Got Mail But Maybe Not Voice Mail

Remember voice mails where the ways to leave messages or when mobiles were used primarily for calls (and Snake)? Cells evolved, and WhatsApp, Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition, maybe one of the apps drastically changing the mobile world: wireless plans with no talk and/or text, just data. While it sounds limiting, apps like WhatsApp could make […]

Will You Take a Bite Out of This Apple?

Ever since Apple released the first iPad on April 3, 2010, I always wondered how it would feel to own one. I consider myself a tech savvy individual who stays on top of the latest trends, but I have been reluctant to actually go out and purchase a tablet. I would love to have a […]