Two for Tuesday: 21st Century Smartwatches

I’m not humble bragging when I say I’m a rare millennial who prefers talking on my phone over emailing and texting, reading from a book rather than on my iPad and wearing a watch every day—no matter what. My wristwatch fixation is part fashion, part function. Either way, it completes me, but society has seemingly […]

Wednesdays with Will: Is IOS 7 the Bee’s Knees or the Bane of my Existence

My dear Our Space friends, welcome back to another thought provoking Wednesdays with Will. I am actually in the building this Wednesday and not helping the world’s little old ladies cross the street. Anyways this week’s WwW we are talking about this new iOS 7: the pros, cons and everything in between.   Pros More […]

Wednesdays without Will: iOS 7 and the Extreme Phone Makeover

iPhone, iPad and Apple people, do we have a Wednesdays without Will for you. Android and Microsoft employees, I mean, Windows phone users—sorry, this doesn’t concern you. Today, Apple released iOS 7, the long awaited, much anticipated radical Apple software update. Like Jennifer said last week, “update” doesn’t seem to cut it when talking about […]

Two Tech Talk Points for Tuesday

Tech Talk This is what I get for starting this whole Our Space business–getting stuck as the old lady in the crowd to talk about technology. I am of the generation who still writes texts in whole sentences and at least tries to make sure that everything is grammatically correct. I don’t know how people […]