Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Negate #Bendgate

Last Thursday we looked a few product launch fails, including the issue Apple was facing due to reports that it was easy to accidentally bend the new iPhone 6 Plus. However, Apple released a statement telling consumers that “with normal use a bend in an iPhone is extremely rare and through our first six days […]

Throwback Thursday: #BentGate and Other Product Launch Fails

Excitement surrounded the recent release of Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple aficionados everywhere couldn’t wait to get their hands on the new, slimmer phone with its bigger screen and much-anticipated iOS 8 software. However, for many consumers the latest Apple product has actually been a source of frustration. One of the most […]

Two for Tuesday: Samsung is at it Again

New smartphone ads are like new Rocky films– the phones have always upped their games and are flexing their new muscles, the winner is never a solid bet and the fights are pretty brutal to watch. Such is the case with Samsung’s latest Apple attack ads. This Two for Tuesday, let’s take a look at a couple […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: When the Apps changed the Ads

This Wisdom.Applied Wednesday, we’re looking at Apple’s latest release and what it means for the advertising game.     Did Apple even imagine they would drastically change the advertising game when they introduced the iPhone back in 2007? Just two years after its release, smartphone users had completely altered the way cell phone users searched […]

Throwback Thursday: From Typewriters to Tamagotchis

I’m a recent convert to team iPhone. I’m not saying that my experiences with iOS haven’t changed my life, but the constant access to and dependence on my smartphone makes me long for the good old days when communication between friends was passing notes in class or a face-to-face conversation—not iMessaging and tweeting at each […]

Throwback Thursday: Headphones vs. Beats by Dre

Like all things, headphones go in and out of fashion. From those used in the early twentieth century by wireless operators sending and receiving Morse code messages to ’80s teens rocking out to their Walkmans and today’s population talking hands free on their cellphones, headphones have a long history. This Throwback Thursday, we’ll look at […]

Wednesdays without Will: Television without Commercials

Since before the original iPhone announcement, the Apple faithful have been waiting with bated breath for the tech innovation company to streamline the way we watch TV the way they did music and computing. Apple’s initial foray into the market with Apple TV didn’t captivate users the way their other products did, generating low sales […]

Wednesdays with Will: Is IOS 7 the Bee’s Knees or the Bane of my Existence

My dear Our Space friends, welcome back to another thought provoking Wednesdays with Will. I am actually in the building this Wednesday and not helping the world’s little old ladies cross the street. Anyways this week’s WwW we are talking about this new iOS 7: the pros, cons and everything in between.   Pros More […]

Wednesdays without Will: iOS 7 and the Extreme Phone Makeover

iPhone, iPad and Apple people, do we have a Wednesdays without Will for you. Android and Microsoft employees, I mean, Windows phone users—sorry, this doesn’t concern you. Today, Apple released iOS 7, the long awaited, much anticipated radical Apple software update. Like Jennifer said last week, “update” doesn’t seem to cut it when talking about […]

Two Tech Talk Points for Tuesday

Tech Talk This is what I get for starting this whole Our Space business–getting stuck as the old lady in the crowd to talk about technology. I am of the generation who still writes texts in whole sentences and at least tries to make sure that everything is grammatically correct. I don’t know how people […]

Throwback Thursday: Phone Fever Flashback

For most, smartphones are essential to their daily lives. Whether they’re used to stay updated with friends through social media, catch up on daily news or simply call or text friends and family, smartphones has literally changed how people communicate, interact and behave with others and their devices. Yet, not long ago smartphones didn’t even […]

Funny Friday: The Idiocracy Effect

What is it about post-apocalyptic tales that so often capture our imagination? Maybe it’s the science fiction behind it all. Maybe it’s the fact that they so often grapple with deep philosophical questions about human nature at its core. Maybe it’s just because, hey, who doesn’t like a good disaster flick here and there? I’m […]