Trending News Monday: Jam Packed Weekend Roundup

Talk about a jam packed weekend: many colleges and universities held graduation ceremonies, people celebrated their mothers, college athletes were drafted into the NFL and Solange Knowles physically accosted Jay-Z. I know that’s a lot to take in all at once, so this Trending News Monday, let’s talk about three trending topics on Twitter. Solange Knowles […]

Trending News Monday: The Grammys Celebrate Love Through Music

Last night, the biggest names in music came together to celebrate the biggest night in music. This Trending News Monday, we’re bringing you the some of the top stories from the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. If the Grammys had a theme last night, it wasn’t great music (of which there was an indubitable abundance), it was […]

Two for Tuesday: Two Interesting Album Releases

2013 is the year of interesting album releases. With all the music-playing mediums, promoting albums have become a bit of a game: Fall Out Boy came back overnight from a long hiatus with a new single and music video; Miley Cyrus brought a new sound to mirror her new image and used her shock-factor VMA performance […]

Too Much To Say Today

I know we have been talking about the Grammys a lot; But, please indulge me, I haven’t written in awhile… It’s kind of a big deal around here, the Grammy Awards. We really do believe that music is one of the keys foundations of multiculturalism. Music not only connects us to one another but also […]

Super Sunday Night Super Bowl

Chykie Brown made dome angels as black, white, purple and yellow confetti rained down on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s turf last night. Although the Super Bowl came down to a controversial “nail-biting” finish, in the end, the Raven’s “got ‘er done” and brought  the Vince Lombardi Trophy back to Baltimore. Aside from football and the Harbaugh human interest element, viewers had several […]

Celebrity Investments Gone Bad: The 5 Biggest Losers

Just because celebrities have plenty of money doesn’t mean they always make the wisest business decisions. Whether it is a pricey investment in a socially rejected gadget or simply a string of bad luck and misfortune, history (continues) to prove celebs are probably better off sticking to their day jobs and leaving business deals to the […]