Funny Friday: THE DRESS

“Black not yellow, black not yellow, black not yellow, black not yellow.”   Who knew that one post about the color of a dress on Tumblr would break the Internet? But alas, that’s exactly what happened. By now, you’ve probably noticed #TheDress making its way across the Internet… The dress you saw may have appeared […]

Two Model Behaviors

Are celebrities good role models? That’s a question clearly up for debate. Regardless of your opinion, celebrities do carry weighty star power and—as any brand who enlists endorsers can tell you— have the ability to influence their fans. At the end of the day, celebrities are human; emulating their every move may not be the best idea, […]

Gangnam Style Soars Past Baby

And PSY’s got Justin saying, “Baby, baby, baby NO!” That’s right, try as they might, the Biebs and his loyal Blieber followers couldn’t keep the young star at the top of YouTube’s most watched video list. In the midst of the Holiday weekend, the Korean rap artist over threw Bieber’s Baby video reign when Gangnam Style reached 8.5 […]