Two for Tuesday: By Popular Demand

“The customer is always right.” For anybody who has worked in a customer service job of any type, that is probably the most infuriating motto in the English language. By and large, though, it’s also true. Keeping customers happy is key to protecting a brand’s image and ensuring customer loyalty, so while it may make […]

Throwback Thursday: Wrigley Still Gives Advertisers Food for Thought

It’s hard to spend much time in the city of Chicago and be unaware of the name “Wrigley.” For some the name may just bring to mind the Cubs or your favorite type of gum, but it’s important to remember the man behind the name. William Wrigley Jr. is often thought to be one of […]

Two For Tuesday: Ads Inspiring Through the Uninspired

A lot of clutter exists on the Internet. The terabytes of data users submit to the abyss of the World Wide Web seems to expand exponentially—directly proportional to the amount of time users are spending online. The ease with which people can produce content for blogs, websites and social media channels removes all of the […]

Trending News Monday: Colbert Out of Context Leads to Crisis

From the Elite Eight dwindling to the Final Four to Opening Day officially being named a non-holiday and from an earthquake that rocked Yellowstone to a Taco Bell ad that rocked McDonald’s, the Twittosphere was an interesting place to visit this weekend. This Trending News Monday, we’re diving into one of the biggest social media […]

Wednesdays with Will: Three Memorable Ads

This edition of WwW focuses on three memorable recent ads!   These three ads each take different paths to making a memorable impact on its audience. 1.#Firstworldproblems. Not problems     Taking a catchy and relevant hash tag like #firstworldproblems and using it as a catapult for the struggles of not having clean water certainly […]