Two For Tuesday: Fast Food Chains And Sports Sponsorship

Since 1980, the worldwide population has gained a lot of weight: obesity rates have doubled globally, and 2.1 billion people are currently overweight or obese. Campaigns to overcome this epidemic are usually centered on encouraging people to eat healthy and participate in physical activity. Many of these campaigns, such as Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program, employ professional […]

Trending News Monday: Jam Packed Weekend Roundup

Talk about a jam packed weekend: many colleges and universities held graduation ceremonies, people celebrated their mothers, college athletes were drafted into the NFL and Solange Knowles physically accosted Jay-Z. I know that’s a lot to take in all at once, so this Trending News Monday, let’s talk about three trending topics on Twitter. Solange Knowles […]

Two Oscar Perspectives for Tuesday

Two days after the most magical night in Hollywood—yes, the one where you could see all the stars, plus Seth MacFarlane —and the country is still buzzing about the Oscars. From “We saw your boobs,” (really Seth?) to Oscar sweeping Jennifer Lawrence off her feet (the nice way of saying, she fell flat on her […]