Two for Tuesday: The Console Clash

A new generation of entertainment is upon us. After 8 long years, PlayStation and Xbox fans will be able to upgrade their hardware to the next big things: Sony’s PS4 hits stores this Friday, November 15th and Microsoft’s Xbox One hit retail shelves next week on the 22nd. Following the heated criticism it received upon its […]

Two for Tuesday: Negative Advertising

We’ve all been exposed to the occasional attack advertisement, most notably during election seasons. They can be nasty, controversial and even untrue; but do they work? In recent years, several brands have turned negative in their ad campaigns against rival companies. This Tuesday, we’ll look at two examples of those brands.   “Scroogled” […]

Wednesdays without Will: Microsoft’s PR Flip

In a month, the next generation of video games will be upon us. When console makers announced the features of their new machines earlier this year, gamers were quick to take sides on which systems they planned to purchase. Microsoft launching its successor to the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, immediately faced criticism, but they’ve changed […]

Wednesdays without Will: iOS 7 and the Extreme Phone Makeover

iPhone, iPad and Apple people, do we have a Wednesdays without Will for you. Android and Microsoft employees, I mean, Windows phone users—sorry, this doesn’t concern you. Today, Apple released iOS 7, the long awaited, much anticipated radical Apple software update. Like Jennifer said last week, “update” doesn’t seem to cut it when talking about […]

Funny Friday: The Idiocracy Effect

What is it about post-apocalyptic tales that so often capture our imagination? Maybe it’s the science fiction behind it all. Maybe it’s the fact that they so often grapple with deep philosophical questions about human nature at its core. Maybe it’s just because, hey, who doesn’t like a good disaster flick here and there? I’m […]

Two for Tuesday: Apple and the Pears

Apple (ap•ple): a fruit, a technique to keep the doctor away and an industry leader. In our technology-saturated age, almost everyone can recognize the popular iSomethings, and most have an opinion on the subject. The vast majority of the United States is either Team Mac or Team PC. Attempting to stay brand neutral in this […]

Wednesdays with Will: Console War: 4 vs One

Happy Hump day, everybody! This week’s Wednesdays with Will brings together a battle for the hearts of gamers everywhere: PS4 vs. Xbox One! The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) began this week, and both consoles have been paraded around there for the world to see. At the moment it seems that the PS4 is absolutely picking […]