Throwback Thursday: Multicultural PR Disasters

The United States is headed towards being a majority-minority nation within the next three decades. This has major implications for brands, as the new majority-minority will wield incredible buying power (the Hispanic market alone is expected to hit $1.5 trillion in 2015). Lots of companies are acting on this trend, creating targeted marketing and public […]

Election 2012: Social Media

Election Day 2012 is winding down, and within the coming hours, we’ll find out who will be representing us for the next four years…and how much social media impacted the decision. According to, social media impacts voters because it allows candidates to engage with them (in real time), shows voters a bit of the candidates’ personalities […]

Calling for a cease-mudslinger

In a little over 24 hours, the polls will close and we will know exactly who will be representing us in both our local and national governments, as well as our Commander in Chief. While some Americans are growing eager to learn the decision, others are simply looking forward to escaping the endless mudslinging political […]

Young and Powerful: America’s Voice in 2012

Last night’s conclusion of the three-day-long Republican National Convention (RNC) marked the beginning of the 2012 race to the White House. It’s official (although we all knew it) Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) will face off against Democratic President Barack Obama. We Americans have many questions to ask ourselves before taking to the polls in November—but […]