Two for Tuesday: Two Network Giants Race for the Hispanic Audience

Like butter on bread, the Hispanic culture is spreading around the country as rapidly as their growing population. In cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, New York and San Francisco, where more than 14 million people with Latin American origin/heritage call home, America’s changing cultural landscape is easily noticeable. While the panorama changes, consistency […]

Google Translation FAIL

“In West Philadelphia, born and raised on a play ground where I spend most of my days…” Yes, I know that you know the song—after all, who doesn’t know the lyrics to the catchy, classic “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song? Well, coming from a multicultural ad agency, we have to give it up to Collective Cadenza […]

Multicultural Holidays…

The other day during an Our Space meeting, we were discussing ways to bring the realities of our multicultural, um… culture, to the blog table. For some reason, I rarely think of myself as someone with a strong voice when it comes to multiculturalism. Not being of one hundred percent ethnicity, not being Hispanic, African American or […]

Chicago International Film Festival!!!

Chicago International Film Festival Suggestions/Top Picks It’s an exciting time in Chicago because a film festival is in our backyard! I know crazy right? The city is hosting its 48th annual Chicago International Film Festival (CIFF) from the 11th – 25th at AMC River East 21 in downtown Chicago. The festival is showing 175 films from 50 countries. […]

Athletes, Art and Multiculturalism on Steroids

Of course I am not insinuating that ANY athlete from ANYWHERE was or is on steroids. My title is altruistic, not accusatorial. My point is that I can’t think of a greater culmination of our world’s collection of cultures than the Olympics. Every four years, the best athletes from around the world compete on a […]