Wisdom.Applied Wednesday – PSA Highlights Street Harassment

Imagine walking silently down a crowded city street, minding your own business, wearing a modest outfit consisting of jeans and a crewneck t-shirt, making no contact whatsoever with any other person, but constantly being harassed–followed even? Imagine walking for 10 hours straight and being catcalled (excluding whistles, winks and other forms of harassment) over 100 times. It […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Outdoor Ads and the Urban Takeover

The landscape of outdoor advertising is changing by, well, the landscape of the outdoors. Wisdom.Applied Wednesday, let’s take a look at two pretty unique urban advertising campaigns, and why outdoor advertising is getting a little more creative. Here’s a familiar scenario for those of us in a huge city like Chicago: you’re running late for […]

Funny Friday: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Mishaps

In my family, like many others, watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving morning is a beloved tradition. Growing up, my brothers and I loved watching our favorite characters float down the streets while our parents prepared our Thanksgiving feast. As a wide-eyed child, I never gave a second thought to the millions of things […]

Trending News Monday: Driver Charged in Train Crash

Happy trending news Monday! If you were caught up enjoying baseball, hot dogs and apple pie this weekend and missed the hot headlines, have no fear. Today, Our Space brings you some of this weekend’s top news stories. Train Crash Driver Charged Yesterday, Francisco Jose Garzon Amo was charged with negligent homicide–the train he was […]

Stay the Course

The 1896 Summer Olympics resurrected a long distance course first run by Pheidippides thousands of years before when he  announced the Greek’s victory in the Battle of Marathon. A year later, 1897, Boston—the city from which the American Revolution was born and whose shot was heard ‘round the world—began holding its annual marathon. The Boston […]

Two for Tuesday: Delicate Technology…

Sandy takes down Huffington Post, Gawker websites, the headline reads.  What does SEO mean now?  Not much. In light of Sandy – nothing seems important enough to feature.  I weakly offer, as a two for Tuesday, that these two massive websites with all their bells and whistles – don’t hold a candle to Mother Nature. […]

If You Thought Snooki Hit Seaside Hard, Just Wait for Sandy

A storm is brewing at the Jersey Shore, and this time, Mike “The Situation” isn’t at the epicenter. Hurricane Sandy, which forecasters are predicting to be one of the largest storms (if not the largest) to hit the American mainland, will strike the East Coast later today. With nine states currently in a state of emergency, Sandy […]