Funny Advertising Halloween Costumes for Friday

Care to guess how much Americans will spend on celebrating Halloween this year? Between the candy, costumes and decorations, Americans will spend $7.4 billion on today’s holiday. While this doesn’t come nearly as close to what analysts predict Americans will spend on Christmas this year, Halloween is a huge holiday for retailers. On costumes alone, consumers […]

Throwback Thursday: Legos, Potatoes and G.I. Joes

Some say children have it easy these days. Not many will disagree. Children today grow up with a multitude and plethora of technological advancements that make daily life seem very easy. On the other hand, children have way more to handle and deal with than kids from prior generations. Regardless, the one thing that continues […]

Throwback Thursday: Best Old School Children’s Toy Ads

Before I became interested in the advertising business but after I’d grown out of the demographic for children’s television networks, I flipped to Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon during a commercial break and was surprised when I realized that nearly every commercial shown on those networks was for a toy of some sort or another. As […]

Wednesdays with Will: ’90s Game Systems: The Great Ones

I have returned! After a couple weeks of traveling the twist and turns of the advertising world, I’m back to supply you all with a little throwback tech fun! (Who says we can only throw it back on Thursdays?) I would say I played my fair share of sports video games while growing up. I […]

Funny Friday: The 1990s Revisited

A TED Talk inspired me to explore life through the eyes of a three year old. After seeing today’s world through a younger perspective, I decided to look back at my ‘90s childhood and view media I was exposed to through an older lens. As it turns out, the ‘90s children programming is somewhat hilarious–somewhat not PC. […]