Two For Tuesday: When Awards Go Viral

The Emmys take place this upcoming Sunday, September 20th. For this week’s Two for Tuesday, we take a look at how other awards shows have proven to be great opportunities for brands looking to make a mark on pop culture.   Marketing and advertising departments spend a lot of time and money creating new campaigns and […]

Two Oscar Perspectives for Tuesday

Two days after the most magical night in Hollywood—yes, the one where you could see all the stars, plus Seth MacFarlane —and the country is still buzzing about the Oscars. From “We saw your boobs,” (really Seth?) to Oscar sweeping Jennifer Lawrence off her feet (the nice way of saying, she fell flat on her […]

Wednesdays with Will: Oscar Edition

This week’s Wednesdays with Will incorporates two things I absolutely love: movies and brackets! Grantland, for the better part of a month, posted a bracket of the Top Oscar Travesties through the years. I thought this would be a great way to see what you, the reader, would choose for the Most Arrant Oscar Moment of All Time. Starting […]