Throwback Thursday: Renting from Block to Box

Renting a movie used to be an accepted process, consisting of driving to the local video store, selecting the movie, paying $6.99 for a 3-day rental and returning home. But ever since the largest movie entertainment rental company in the United States and U.K. filed for bankruptcy merely twenty-five years after its founding, the process […]

Two for Tuesday: Apple and the Pears

Apple (ap•ple): a fruit, a technique to keep the doctor away and an industry leader. In our technology-saturated age, almost everyone can recognize the popular iSomethings, and most have an opinion on the subject. The vast majority of the United States is either Team Mac or Team PC. Attempting to stay brand neutral in this […]

Wednesdays with Will: What’s Offensive?

Well, well, well– welcome to another Wednesdays with Will. Whether it’s because we’re more diverse, politically correct or have a better way of policing those who aren’t PC (i.e. social media), today’s advertisers certainly don’t get away with offensive campaigns like they used to. What’s utterly mind-boggling about offensiveness is its subjective-ness. Yes, there are words, stereotypes and depictions that will (rightfully so) offend […]

Two Apps for Tuesday

Time for a Vine Last month, the Twitter-owned Vine app claimed the number one free Apple iOS app spot. Today, the iOS-exclusive app still sits pretty at number four. It took six months for the video sharing app to get there, but given its popularity especially on Twitter, this app has staying power (it hasn’t […]