Trending News Monday: Driver Charged in Train Crash

Happy trending news Monday! If you were caught up enjoying baseball, hot dogs and apple pie this weekend and missed the hot headlines, have no fear. Today, Our Space brings you some of this weekend’s top news stories. Train Crash Driver Charged Yesterday, Francisco Jose Garzon Amo was charged with negligent homicide–the train he was […]

Funny Friday: Serious George

It’s Friday, and, of course, here at SJG that means it’s time to laugh. This week for our Funny Friday post, we wanted to prove that no one is exempt from a good prank. When someone is in a position of leadership or renown in some way, it should be expected that they are susceptible […]

Brought to you from Argentina: Pope Francis

As white smoke released into the open air above the Vatican, the world set its eyes on St. Peter’s Square wondering who the new leader of the Catholic Church would be. The public speculated several papal candidates from Canada’s Cardinal Marc Ouellet, to Italy’s Cardinal Angelo Scola to the Philippine’s Cardinal Luis Antonio “Chito” Tagle, […]