Throwback Thursday: Apartheid and Mandela Day

Who doesn’t love a challenge? Today, as a part of the UN ratified annual Mandela day, every single person in the world has a challenge: give 67 minutes of your day to make this world a better place. A bit ambiguous, but I’m always up for a challenge (and coming up with creative solutions).   […]

Trump, Obama, and a Bombshell “Offer He Can’t Refuse”

In light of Donald Trump’s complete bombshell deal with President Obama I thought it was appropriate to show a couple of other bombshells Mr. Trump has gifted the world with via I think Trumps $5 million deal is somewhat ingenious but all together hilarious because it puts the direct spotlight on Obama at such […]

Young and Powerful: America’s Voice in 2012

Last night’s conclusion of the three-day-long Republican National Convention (RNC) marked the beginning of the 2012 race to the White House. It’s official (although we all knew it) Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) will face off against Democratic President Barack Obama. We Americans have many questions to ask ourselves before taking to the polls in November—but […]