Wisdom.Applied Wednesday:  “N” Word is the Biggest No-No

This six letter “N” word is as far off limits as saying the name, Voldemort in Hogsmeade Village. Except when it comes to the “N” word, it is not off limits due to fear, but because it is the wrong thing to say, always. Unfortunately, there are many people who lack intelligence and common sense […]

Two for Tuesday: Corporate Philanthropy, The “Phreshest” Approach to Commercial Marketing

If a brand wants to revitalize and promote itself today, it seemingly no longer turns to the traditional, glistening creativity of advertising agencies. Rather, major businesses have begun to lean on the heartstrings of their public, and, in turn, they have begun to create relationships of concern and authenticity between their consumers and products that […]

Two for Tuesday: Coca-Cola and Health

Coca-Cola, official 2014 World Cup partner, has proven something of a lightning rod in recent years with regards to its attempts to tackle health and weight issues surrounding its products in its advertising. This Two for Tuesday, we’re featuring two ad campaigns in recent years where Coke tried to re-brand as healthy, and the public response. […]