Two for Tuesday: Racism and Celebrity Endorsements Gone Wrong

If the Donald Sterling scandal has done anything, it’s once again exposed that brands who associate with controversial public figures, especially when the controversy involves racism, are flirting with disaster. When TMZ released the recording of Sterling making 15-minutes worth of racist banter, several brands cut their ties with the team he owns. Sterling, who was banned from the NBA for […]

Two for Tuesday: Two Unifying Coke Ads

Social media provides a place for us all to be heard. In our joys and grief, we share, we express and we make our point. We see the poignant–like Jim Carrey’s response to the death of the bright creative light, Philip Seymour Hoffman: Dear Philip, a beautiful beautiful soul. For the most sensitive among us […]

Wednesdays without Will: Multiculturalism without the March on Washington

What a difference 50 years makes. Since 1963’s March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech, the United States has passed several major Civil Rights Acts (1964, 1968, 1987 and 1991) which helped end widespread institutions of inequality and change the mindset of the American people. A half […]

Throwback Thursday: Apartheid and Mandela Day

Who doesn’t love a challenge? Today, as a part of the UN ratified annual Mandela day, every single person in the world has a challenge: give 67 minutes of your day to make this world a better place. A bit ambiguous, but I’m always up for a challenge (and coming up with creative solutions).   […]

Two for Tuesday: Two Diverse Ads

I don’t know if I was just being innocent or naive, but I thought that living in the 21st century (or 20th century if you’re Ryan Lochte) meant that racism, homophobia and sexism were social institutions confined to previous generations. However, prejudice seems like the ugly American wound that just won’t go away (once you think it’s healed, […]