Dangerously Funny Friday the 13th

Finally, today feels like a fall day. Guess what that means? Halloween is approaching, and today just so happens to be Friday the 13th! For many people around the world, today is a very scary day. Although, today is one of my favorite days – the creepiest. Bring on the weirdness. It’s Friday the 13th, […]

The Scariest Yet Funniest Things on Earth

You know and have been through those awkward moments that literally leave you shamefaced and feeling guilty because some social norm was completely violated. In hindsight, those moments are always hilarious; however, when you’re going through them, they’re the scariest possible thing imaginable. Check out 21 awkward moments—witness the terror, embark in laughter and share some awkward […]

Batman, Candy and Pumpkin Pie

For roughly 2000 years, people around the world have celebrated October 31, All Hallows Eve: the night before All Saints’ Day when spirits can walk the Earth. While traditions, perceptions and focuses of the holiday may have changed (moving from prayer to mischief and candy, candy, candy), Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in […]