Throwback Thursday: Happy Sweet 16 Google

I don’t mean to sound like one of those kids from the AT&T U-Verse ads, but kids today sure have it easy. When I was a growing up, I had to use books and encyclopedias as references for papers–not ebooks or online resources. Compiling research literally meant getting up off my rear and going out to gather […]

Throwback Thursday: Yesterday’s SEO isn’t still so

For as often as we use it, it’s strange to think that the Internet is only a teenager. It’s to be expected that navigation, websites, chronicling and searching the web will change and evolve as the World Wide Web goes through puberty. Gone are the days of excessive back linking and other now “black hat” […]

Two for Tuesday: Delicate Technology…

Sandy takes down Huffington Post, Gawker websites, the headline reads.  What does SEO mean now?  Not much. In light of Sandy – nothing seems important enough to feature.  I weakly offer, as a two for Tuesday, that these two massive websites with all their bells and whistles – don’t hold a candle to Mother Nature. […]