Funny Friday: Top Ten SNL Characters

Fall is officially upon us, meaning the return of cooler weather, pumpkin spice flavored everything and our favorite television shows. This Saturday, one of my favorite television shows, Saturday Night Live, is returning for its 40th season on NBC. Each season of SNL always brings a few new cast members, which gives the Emmy-winning show plenty of opportunities […]

Trending News Monday: Why The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is Here to Stay

“And now, here’s your host Jimmy Fallon!” For the past 20 years, Jay Leno has been puking up the same material on The Tonight Show, which kept his viewers loyal and ratings steady; but, he never really learned how to appeal to the ever-growing Internet audience. So NBC did what they had to: they sent […]

Trending News Monday: News from the Golden Globes

Last night, the 2014 awards season kicked off with the 71st annual Golden Globes. This Trending News Monday, we’re bringing you the highlights from last night’s award show from the winners to the most memorable moments. Big Winners The Hollywood Foreign Press Association awarded 12 Years a Slave Best Picture (Drama) Golden Globe and American Hustle Best Picture […]

Two for Tuesday: Two Interesting Album Releases

2013 is the year of interesting album releases. With all the music-playing mediums, promoting albums have become a bit of a game: Fall Out Boy came back overnight from a long hiatus with a new single and music video; Miley Cyrus brought a new sound to mirror her new image and used her shock-factor VMA performance […]

Two for Tuesday: Two must see Series

One of the best Chicagoan attributes is their undying allegiances to their respective sports teams (aside from the random Packer fans who were born and raised in Chicago—they really make no sense). Whether we’re talking baseball, basketball, football or hockey, Chicago has one of the biggest fan bases. Can I get a “Da Bears, Da Bulls, Da […]

Funny Friday: The 1990s Revisited

A TED Talk inspired me to explore life through the eyes of a three year old. After seeing today’s world through a younger perspective, I decided to look back at my ‘90s childhood and view media I was exposed to through an older lens. As it turns out, the ‘90s children programming is somewhat hilarious–somewhat not PC. […]