Throwback Thursday: Female Firsts

Lately, the media and social media have shed a lot of light on pro-feminism and antifeminism movements. With the help of UN Ambassador Emma Watson, the UN Women helped stand up for women’s rights to laugh in public when the Turkish deputy prime minister said in a controversial speech that women should not laugh in […]

Throwback Thursday: Triumphs Don’t Always Come in Gold at the Olympics

Every two years, the world sets its gaze on a resurrected Greek tradition, modernized and inclusive of international competition. The Summer and Winter Olympics draw the attention of different people, of different ages, from different countries, with different interests to one arena. As such, the games are the epitome of multiculturalism. This year, 2,862 athletes […]

Funny Friday: Jamaica has a bobsled team… and a bobsled

In honor of tonight’s Opening Ceremonies for the Sochi Olympics, let’s take a look at this year’s most inspirational underdog story.     The Jamaican bobsled team has a history of hardship when it comes to the Olympics. The inherent difficulty of the 1988 team’s competition in winter games when their home country’s climate is […]