Throwback Thursday: Why Brazil Speaks Portuguese

Even though Brazil is the largest country in South America (the continent where Spanish is the most common language), it is the only country in the continent where Portuguese is the national language. The explorations of Christopher Columbus did play a role in this language idiosyncrasy, but we can’t give Chris all of the credit. […]

Is the Joke on Whole Foods?

Whole Foods infuriated consumers after the AP reported two workers from a New Mexico store were suspended for speaking Spanish at work. A company policy mandated that Whole Foods employees speak English-only during work hours. But soon, consumer dissatisfaction led to a threatened boycott. Trying to avoid a crisis, Whole Foods has amended their policy. […]

Two for Tuesday: Chicagoans with Latin Flavor

Do you believe dreams can come true? Television shows such as Fox’s American Idol and NBC’s The Voice have made it possible for these two Chicagoans to live their dreams while reconnecting with their roots. Today, we bring you two voices that spice up television with Latin flavor. Since January, my Wednesday and Thursday evenings […]

Brought to you from Argentina: Pope Francis

As white smoke released into the open air above the Vatican, the world set its eyes on St. Peter’s Square wondering who the new leader of the Catholic Church would be. The public speculated several papal candidates from Canada’s Cardinal Marc Ouellet, to Italy’s Cardinal Angelo Scola to the Philippine’s Cardinal Luis Antonio “Chito” Tagle, […]

Univision debuts Its First Digital Network

Univision has launched a bilingual digital network called Uvideos that lives online and is also available on mobile devices. While many Latinos consume live content, like telenovelas, news and sports, the viewing habits of the younger demographic is changing. People want to access content quickly, in shorter bits of video and have the option to […]