Two Branded Music Videos for Tuesday

Music videos are the most popular videos shared on the web. Although these videos are widely available and shared, music videos don’t function to sell albums the way they used to. Online streaming has become the most popular music medium thanks to platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. Instead of creating music videos to sell an […]

Subscribe vs. Own

“The subscription model of buying music is bankrupt. I think you could make available the Second Coming in a subscription model, and it might not be successful.” Steve Jobs famously made this proclamation to Rolling Stone in 2003. While it’s easy to smirk at inaccurate predictions about the future made ten years ago, it’s hard […]

Wednesdays with Will: Playlist for the 4th

Who’s ready for the 4th of July Holiday?!? This edition of Wednesday with Will, I’ll be showing my playlist for this 4th of July holidays. This year is a definite mix of old and new songs. Warning: if you like country, you will be seriously disappointed! Obviously, we need to start the festivities with ‘Muricas […]

Ellie, I Believe Anything Could Happen, Too!

The sting of the guitar, the beat of the drums, the sound of vocals – what’s that I hear? It must be music to my ears. Last month I truly believed that “anything could happen” when I got surprise tickets to go see the talented English singer-song writer, Ellie Goulding in concert.  Relive the experience […]