Throwback Thursday: Summer Days, Great Campaigns

Ask anybody about the leisurely pace the world seems to take come summertime and they’ll sing the slowdown’s praises until the weather gets cold again. As long as they aren’t a company looking at sales, which inevitably encounter a similar crawl once the warm days hit. In order to succeed in this lethargic season, it […]

Funny Friday: The Best of Smokey

While it may be Shark Week, bear with me as I turn the nature focus from the water to the land. The air is crisper, the sun is coming out later and leaving earlier and all signs point to fall. Although the season doesn’t officially end until September, summer as we know it—beaches, parks, forests—draws […]

Fun Friday: The Best of Summer

I took the liberty of changing today’s theme from Funny Friday to Fun Friday. Let me tell you why… I am not feeling very funny, and, honestly, there is nothing more excruciating to endure than forced humor. While I may not be feeling funny, my desire for FUN is at a peak. It’s summertime in […]