Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: It’s Not Early Black Friday, It’s Thanksgiving Day

“Haul out the holly Put up the tree before my spirit falls again Fill up the stocking I may be rushing things, but deck the halls again now For we need a little Christmas Right this very minute…” Hold on a minute. Yes, the Christmas holiday season is about to start, but first we’ve got […]

Funny Friday: Songs To Get You In The Thanksgiving Spirit

The most Thanksgiving travel since 2007 is expected to happen on Turkey Day this year. If you are one of the 46.3 million people hitting the road to visit friends and family, having good music to help the time pass is a must! So on this Funny Friday, here are some hilarious Thanksgiving songs for your […]

Wednesdays without Will: The Hip Side of Hanukkah

The holiday season truly is the most wonderful time of the year. We’re surrounded by fresh snow, colorful lights, and, of course, radio stations that play Christmas music 24/7. Chicagoans like myself tune into 93.9 My FM for the best holiday jams while we sit in holiday traffic. I’d like to take a moment to […]

Trending News Monday: Bleak Beginning to the Holiday Season

The long holiday weekend had its fill of new stories. This Trending News Monday, we’re breaking down the biggest headlines. Walker’s Fatal Car Crash Amid the festival of lights and Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday preparations, the weekend dimmed the weekend as Tinsel Town lost a beloved star, Paul Walker. Known for his portrayal of […]

Wednesdays without Will: Thanksgivukkah

My fellow Americans, tomorrow we embark on one of our nation’s most coveted holidays: Thanksgiving. In addition to turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pies, Jewish-Americans will have to make room on their tables for latkes, challah and, of course, Menorahs. That’s right, this year the holidays have aligned and, like the Power Rangers coming together to form […]

Funny Friday: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Mishaps

In my family, like many others, watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving morning is a beloved tradition. Growing up, my brothers and I loved watching our favorite characters float down the streets while our parents prepared our Thanksgiving feast. As a wide-eyed child, I never gave a second thought to the millions of things […]

Trending News Monday: Tornadoes Devastate Midwestern Towns

While the Monsters of the Midway were defeating the Baltimore Ravens in overtime, the Midwest was dealing with its own Monsters. Eighty-one tornadoes–two of which were rated EF-4s– ripped through America’s heartland, leaving at least eight people dead, over fifty hospitalized and hundreds homeless. Seven Illinois counties are in a state of emergency after tornadoes moved across […]

Thanksgiving Cease-fire

On the eve of American Thanksgiving, people all over the world have reasons to be thankful, especially those affected by the ongoing struggles in the Middle East. A few hours ago, Israeli and Hamas leaders declared a cease-fire. For now, tensions at the Gaza Strip have eased. Halfway around the globe, we Americans can witness […]

Two Thanksgiving Ads

In two short days, Americans will be chowing down on turkey, mashed potatoes, yams and possibly some pumpkin pie (if they have room, of course). Nostalgia and traditions are inherent to the Holiday season, so to propel you into the Holiday spirit, we’re offering two “oldie but goodie” Thanksgiving ads that are sure to get […]

Gobble Gobble & Need vs. Want

Here we are again – heading into the madness that surrounds this time of year for the masses around the world celebrating their diverse traditions. For most children, they begin to write out their list of wants and frankly in these times – I am disturbed by this. I find myself quite often correcting my […]